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What does commercial storage costAvailability

Units are now available for purchase. Facility opening scheduled for early 2018. Contact us for more information about vehicle storage, boat storage, RV storage and car storage costs and availability.


Units range in size from 800 sqft to 3600 sqft in size.


Pricing is $135/square foot of ground-level space and $65/square foot of mezzanine space to own. Every unit has a mezzanine that’s 1/3 of length of the unit. Prices include the following amenities:
* Electricity
* Plumbing
* Built-in mezzanine
* Clubhouse membership and access


You can also lease units for $1.00/square foot. Leases must be long-term (greater than six months) and have less customization options.

Benefits of Buying a Luxury Condo Garage:

Owning your own luxury condo garage comes with many benefits, including:

  • Freedom to customize and build out the space however you wish
  • A chance to own a real estate asset that will appreciate over time
  • Removes your passion projects from your neighborhood to a space where you can work on them without bothering residential neighbors
  • You are joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts, with buildings designed to support your hobbies or business.
  • Premium location with incomparable safety, convenience and long-term value.
  • Safety and security is top notch for your valuables. You can easily upgrade your unit to have a remote access security system, and our location in one of the safest neighborhoods in Kansas City, ensures your valuables are protected 24/7/365.


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Building Map

The LUX storage unit map