Unit Specs

Not A Storage Unit. A Luxury Space for Your Passion.

Think of indoor storage units at The Lux in Kansas City as your home away from home, customized to your individual needs. From the ultimate man cave to the work space you couldn’t fit in your backyard,  The Lux offers all the amenities you need to pursue your passion. With storage ownership, you’re not just investing in real estate, you’re investing in your life and your passion.

Purchasing a storage unit as a real estate investment provides you with an asset. This means that an investment in a storage unit provides ownership; therefore, the opportunity to experience growth in your investment. Forget about Stock Market volatility! Storage ownership is a tangible investment that stands the test of time—especially during a recession.

Units Overview:

  • Size: Indoor storage units range in size from 800 square feet up to 3600 square feet. Building layouts are flexible and units can be sized to your needs.
  • Pricing: Pricing is $135/ square foot of ground level space and $65/square foot of mezzanine space to own. Every unit has a mezzanine that’s 1/3 of length of the unit. You can also lease units for $1.00/square foot. Leases must be long-term (greater than six months) and have less customization options. View all pricing, upgrade options, and the facility map on our pricing and availability page.
  • Availability: Units are currently available for purchase in a variety of sizes, and will be available for use in early 2018.
  • Features: High-quality cement floors, second floor mezzanines, plumbing, electricity, and more. View all available features on our unit features and amenities page.

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