RV Storage

Goodbye Winter Worries. Hello Year-Round Protection!

RV storage kansas cityThere is no underestimating the value of your home-on-wheels. We can help you protect it in the off-season with covered RV storage indoors, reducing repairs and making sure your home away from home has a safe place to weather the winter. No RV is too big for our facility, and we offer RV condo units large enough for your RV; plus, other vehicles.  Features for indoor RV storage at The Lux include:

  • Extra tall doors that come 25′ x 50′ standard
  • Indoor RV storage in Kansas City offers protection year-round in a optionally climate-controlled environment that shields it from damaging moisture, UV rays, temperature extremes, animals and people.
    • This type of storage also reduces rust, prevents pipe freeze, and lowers the number of required wash downs
  • 30 Amp and 50 Amp plugs
  • Convenience: We are located near the city and offer 24/7 access. Our clubhouse also offers a convenient location to hold meetings, plan your next trip or watch the game.


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