Motorcycle & Small Vehicle Storage

Room For All Your Friends & Their Toys Too!

Motorcycle storage unitLooking for a place to work on your motorcycle or store your family’s ATVs? Golf carts, gators, SAE racing vehicles, competition robots,  drones—whatever motorized toys you own, a motorcycle storage unit at The Lux can be their new home. From outdoorsmen to collectors, we offer fully customizable spaces where you can store, work on or hang out with your friends (mechanical and otherwise). Luxury storage garage units offer the following amenities for your dream man cave:

  • Units you can make your own, from adding shop equipment to creating a movie lounge or basketball court.
  • You can climate-control units to include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, WiFi and a host of other amenities that make a Lux unit closer to a home than a traditional storage unit.
  • The clubhouse, which is free to use for any member, also offers a full kitchen, conference rooms, cable TV and other amenities not standard in units.
  • Secure motorcycle storage units
  • Our units protect your property year-round. Motorcycle condos stay temperate and protect against humidity, rust, sun damage and decay. This controlled environment also extends the life of electrical systems, exterior finishes, tires, gel coats, paint and other components.
  • Second-floor mezzanines that help you get the most use out of your motorcycle storage unit.
  • Convenience—we are located near the city, just off Highway 69, and offer 24/7 access. Our clubhouse also offers a convenient location to hold meetings, shower or watch the race.


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